Happy Unicorn Blend

At a time of Unicorn Love and Frappuccinos, we all need a Happy Unicorn Essential Oil blend to add to our lives!  I don't know about you but that certainly makes ME happy!  Yesterday, I blogged about how you can swag out your roller balls with the Label Me Oily Etsy Store.  She gave us a discount at her store and also I shared some of my favorite recipes with you!  Today, I offer to you, the Happy Unicorn blend that you must try!  Plus, it is a whole lot healthier than the other unicorns that are on the market right now, too!  ;)

You can buy the single oils here at Retail from me:  Young Living Oils & Blends.

You can become a member (like Sam's Club) and purchase the oils at wholesale prices here:  Become a Member.  You can become a member for as little as $45, depending on your choice of starter kit. For becoming a member, I will send you a rollerball of your choice that you can fill with your favorite blend.  If interested in the business side of things, I will send you the rollerball and a fabulous book to get you started on the Business.


Cami said…
Do you think I could substitute grapefruit with lemon or orange?
Natalie Baca said…
Hi Cami,
You can certainly give it a try. I would think anything somewhat citrusy would work. ;)

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