On the Fence?

Have you been on the fence about essential oils?  Are you interested but keep putting it off?  Now is the ultimate time to join!  In the month of May, we are offering a free bottle of Tangerine with your purchase of the Premium Starter kit.  So, you will actually receive 12 bottles of oils.  BAM!  What a gonga deal!

Not only do you receive all of the goodies inside a Premium kit (diffuser, 11 oils, samples, Ningzia Red etc) but for this month only, they are throwing in a Tangerine bottle.  

Tangerine helps support a healthy lifestyle regimen.  It definitely adds a citrus flavor to your food and drink and is a savory addition to marinades for meats.  It can be an antioxidant support as well as it can be a digestive support too.

Jump in there and sign up.  Now is the time!  Go to my link and join my team.  
Sign up here:  Complete directions are included on how to sign up.  Make sure my member number is included.  NATALIE BACA | Distributor #11405957 Get the kit, choose your diffuser and you are on your way to wholesale pricing!  Contact me should you need help!   


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