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Interested in the Young Living Essential Oils?   I am growing a wonderful team and would love for you to join and to be a part of it.  There is no need to sell if you don't want to.  If you want to merely join to purchase the oils for yourself and your family, that is wonderful!  Are you interested in using the oils and detoxifying the home?  This is definitely for you!  Joining my team would be like joining Sam's Club, where you join as a wholesaler and get your oils at 24% off the retail price!  How fantastic is that??  

If you are interested in perhaps making a career out of it, I can help you get there!  Are you a stay at home mom and would like some extra income?  This is for you!  Are you at a dead end job and would like to get into something new?  This is for you!  Do you have a pile of debt that you want to get rid of?  This is definitely for you!  We have a compensation plan that is very rewarding and can be done all from the comfort of your own home!  If you are a leader and want to make money at this, I will gift you with a book by Sarah Harnisch called The GamePlan.  

I just completed the book and it is a fantastic way to jumpstart your Young Living business.  It's an amazing and inspiring true story that you will love and refer back to all the time.  

When joining my team, please reach out to me to let me know that you are interested in the business side and I will mail you the book!

Whether you join to purchase for yourself or to make a career out of it, I will connect you to our facebook page, where there is loads of information that are beneficial for either path you choose to take! The facebook page is fun and usually has lots of oil recipes to try!

To join my team, please click here!  Become A Member

When you click to Become a Member, it will take you to a page on my website.  Be sure to skim and review the page before beginning. The page gives a rundown on what you need to do and what you get in the package.  This is where you will need to make some decisions.  

First you will decide if you will be a wholesaler (Sam's Club prices) or a Retail Buyer.  I suggest that you go with the Wholesale to get the best pricing.  There is no pressure to sell.  

Next, please be sure that my Member Number 11405957 is listed in the Sponsor and Enroller fields. 

Then, you will be asked for your information - your name, address, etc.  You will need to input your sign-in information.  Be sure to write your user and password down so that you don't forget!

Next, comes the fun part!!!  You choose the starter kit that you would like.  Each kit is different and I suggest that you choose the one that fits you best!  A popular one is the Premium Starter Kit which gives you 11 oils to begin with and it comes with samples to try out along with a diffuser.  You also get to choose the diffuser that you would like.  

You will then sign up for the Essential Rewards.  With this program, you receive free product back from what you spend.  It's a win-win situation that you won't want to turn down!  You are buying the product anyways, so why not get free stuff while doing it?  Plus you get discount shipping when doing so.   

Fill out your shipping and billing information!  And, you are done!  

Again, Reach out to me to let me know you are interested in the business side and I will send out the book and get you hooked up.

Can't wait to meet you!  

To join my team, please click here!  Become A Member


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