Right Wall Complete!

I am making some progress now that the winds have calmed down. However, now we have rain in the forecast so I may have to wait to see what happens before proceeding anymore.

I have completed the tiling of the right side of the wall! See below photo! I am quite happy with the way that it has turned out so far. It will look quite different once the grout is applied. It should make some of the lighter tiles "pop" a little more.

I have drawn the mirror image on the left side of the wall and begun tiling it, as well. I ran out of some of my tiles so I had to stop to go make some more. Once, I finish tiling the left side, I will begin the grouting step. See below photo for left side.

Hopefully, the left side will go a bit faster being that I have the design already laid out. I suppose it will all depend on the weather at this point.

I must throw in my 2 cents about the American Idol episodes now. I can't believe next week is the finale...(sniff, sniff) It has all been too predictable lately. We all knew - or at least I knew - that it would come down to David A. vs. David Cook. And, let's just face it, David Cook has way more talent than David A. Archuleta is a kid and has lots of time to gain experience! Ok, enough about my Idol rants...(go david cook!)...we shall see what happens next week!

Have a beautiful day! Peace, Love, & Tile


Angela Dimond said…
This is really beautiful! Do you create the tiles from clay or bisque ware? I've done some other mosaics but just with glass pieces. I wouldn't have thought of making tiles!

You do beautiful work, thanks for sharing!

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