DIY bathroom tile

After gathering some inspirational photos, I decided to get started.  I didn't want to spend much on tile.  So, I decided to use primarily white tile.  Our bathroom floor has white tile and white tile happens to be the cheapest.  I will have splashes of color (in the form of stripes) throughout and planned on using tile that I have in my stash.  I went to Home Depot and bought the mastic for bathrooms and with no particular plan in mind, began.  Here are the photos of what I have completed so far.

We have a small built in shelf area. I have a huge love for Mexican talavera tile, so I decided to use a pattern and solid lime green along with a black & white trim and glass gems.

In this photo, I show the top view of the shelf.  The white tile is beginning to line up and you can begin to see the stripe of all blue tiles.

Another view of the white tile and blue stripe.
A close up view of the variety of blue tiles being used in the stripe.  All shades of blue are being used, whole tiles and broken tiles along with glass gems that are mixed in.


Your off to an awesome start, I can feel it. Keep us updated for the future!

-Bronx Shower Doors

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