Saturday, January 14, 2017


Some of you may already know that I am originally from Oklahoma. I moved away right after high school and lived in many different places. My college and work career led me to Arizona, El Paso, Texas, New York City and back to Texas again.  I grew to love each place but always took a piece of Oklahoma with me.  

Today, I find myself back where I started... in Oklahoma.  I recently celebrated my 2 year return and it has an endearing emotion upon me.  It is now the place that I call home yet again. All the Okies out there know what I am talking about and can relate.

I recently completed a wooden painting of the state of Oklahoma.  My very own abstract painting is donned along with the word HOME written in the center. This looks fabulous on a Gallery wall in the home where there are a cluster of pictures. The color pops and it is a fun way to claim your home. 

Comes with hangers on the back. 
Size: Longest side is 20" and the longest height is 10"
Created on wood and painted with acrylics.

All you past and present Okies can buy it here.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

New Year

I always look forward to a New Year.  Call me crazy but I really do love the new beginning.  Not everyone feels the same way as I do.  I realize that.  For me, I get this insane creative buzz that comes over me and I create some of my best works at the beginning of the year.   2017 should be a busy year all in all.  I am looking forward to delving into it.   I will even be showing at a few local galleries this year.   Looking forward to some new opportunities!
New Tabletop Accessories available at DENY Designs now!  Shown in the photo is my Urban Renewal design on a cloth napkin.  Also available, are table runners and table cloths.

DENY Designs has been wonderful to work with and has worked so hard for its artists.  They are cutting edge and have some of the best artists available.  The home decor designs to choose from are amazing and trendy.  You must go check them out when you have a chance.  

Above, they are offering tabletop accessories.  These are a new offering and I just love the way that the napkin looks in my design, Urban Renewal.  There are so many to choose from, in every color and pattern.    What a great way to add some color at the dinner table!  Urban Renewal Cloth Napkin   I think I may have to get some of these, as I have plain, white plates too and I think it's a beauty! 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Designs

I don't know about you but I am loving this warmer weather.  Nothing like being able to break out the flip-flops which I tend to live in - except when it is cold.  I recently bought a pair of Havaianas which are now my favorite pair for the moment.

With Spring in the air, I was inspired to come up with some colorful and festive designs.  These designs are now being offered in a many products.

The first design, "Fiesta de Flores" was inspired by Mexican papel picado.  Don't know what papel picado is?  It is those festive tissue paper cut out designs that are hung at fiestas.  They are colorful and fun and I decided to come up with my own papel picado in the way of home decor!  I personally think this design is awesome for outdoor pillows to spruce up the backyard!  I designed in two colorways:  red and olive

DENY Designs is featuring these in a variety of home items.  Items come in both colors, as well!

The sheet set in olive colorway...
The outdoor pillow in the olive colorway...

The shower curtain in red.....

The duvet cover in red....

 Also am offering this design in electronics in turquoise and blue through my Studio 2 store on Etsy....

iPhone & Samsung Covers - also available in iPad

My second design is for the girlie-girl.  Diamonds are girl's best friend....or is it rhinestones????  I think these designs would be fabulous in a little girl's room.  Of course, it can be for big girls too!  ;) I've selected a few items offered by DENY to show you.

Rhinestone Garden duvet cover......

Rhinestone Reverie in the pink sheet set

Rhinestone Reverie in white pillow....

 These, too, are offered in my Studio 2 store as electronics:

Shown in iPhone and Samsung covers - also available for iPad. 

If you like any of these items, please be sure to check my designs out at DENY and Studio 2!
Links here:
DENY Designs

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Deny Designs

While getting Studio 2 off the ground on Etsy, I had a pleasant surprise come my way.  I just joined the awesome family of artists at DENY Designs!  My artwork went live last week and am very excited to show you some of the wonderful product.  If you are not familiar with their product, they offer art on everyday products such as bedding, shower curtains, and other home décor items.  My artist page is here where you can find all my artwork on product:

Below is a sample of some of things you will find....


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Studio 2

Well, I haven't written in awhile and for good reason!  Number one, I nearly cut my finger off while sewing about 3 weeks ago.  They glued it back together although it actually needed stitches.  Working with nine fingers has been quite a challenge.  Even typing this post seems difficult.  LOL.   The other reason, number two, I have been busy working with manufacturers to produce items with my designs.

I decided in 2013 that I needed to separate my etsy items into 2 separate stores.  One store would have all my mosaic work, the other would have the new items with my surface designs.  I have worked very hard on it and am having a "soft" grand opening now.  I still have not received all my product offerings and once I do I will add those to the store.  Meanwhile, I went ahead and opened the store yesterday with what I have so far.  Already it is quite successful with the hits that I have received!  Very excited to grow this side of the business.  The new store is called Natalie Baca Studio 2 or just "Studio 2" as I often refer to it.  Here is link to the new store and photos of some of the offerings.

Monday, December 9, 2013

How to Start a Mixed Media Painting

Artists?  Do you ever stare at a blank canvas and think "Where do I start"?   A blank canvas can be a bit intimidating and definitely will make you wonder where to start.   Today, I will be giving you one of my little secrets to help combat that "blank canvas" intimidation.

A great way to get started is to find some interesting papers.  Collage papers, junk mail, newspaper, magazines will all work.   I, sometimes, will use the inside of junk mail envelopes as many of them have a nice pattern inside.  See photo below.

Cut out portion of the papers and using Matte Gel Medium, begin applying the papers randomly to your blank canvas.

I apply a layer of the Matte Gel Medium on top of my papers to maintain the design when painting.  Now, that you have the papers on, you no longer have a blank canvas!  You can begin to apply paint once the Matte Gel is dry.  Pick out areas that are interesting to you and that you would like to reveal in your painting.  For me, I love typography in my work, so I wanted to maintain some of it by not painting heavily on those areas.

You can even mix Glazing Medium with your acrylic paint to achieve a transparent color - especially over those areas you find interesting.  At this point I began painting.  I put on a layer of yellow and while still wet, I threw in some pink.  While this was even wet, I added some white to highlight some of the areas.  After I achieved what I thought would work, I added some black paint to add some contrast.

This is what I ended up with.

A completed painting!  Notice some of the typography and images showing through.  This is a great way to get started when you don't know where to start.  Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!  This original painting will be going up in my Etsy store soon and prints (and other items) can be found in my Society6 store.

Monday, November 25, 2013


To celebrate the upcoming holiday season, I am offering 20% off in my etsy store which includes all of my mosaic work, original paintings and prints.  Use the coupon code TAKE20 at checkout ot receive discount!!
Begins today and ends at midnight on Cyber Monday!

Link to store here:


Also, starting today thru Cyber Monday, Society6 is offering FREE SHIPPING on all of my items including cell phone cases, pillow covers, prints, totebags etc.  Be sure to take advantage of this offering!

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