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The Creative In Me Had To Do This

As you well know, I am an artist and am an Essential Oiler.  It only makes sense that I would become creative with my love for essential oils.  I have begun a line of essential oil goods!  How could you resist these?  These make fabulous gifts for the essential oilers in your life, make great gifts for your upline and downlines, or are perfect to wear to that Oil Training or Class that you are partaking in.

In the category of Tees, I have the "Lattes and Lavender".  It comes in several colors and different fits, as well.  Shown here, is the purple version.  Who doesn't love Lattes AND Lavender?

Shown to the right, you can find the "Frappes and Frankincense" tee.  Any Starbucks frappucino lovers out there?  I thought so!  This tee comes in a couple of colors too!

Next is the "Experience the Rainbow" tee.  To love essential oils, you have experienced all of the lovely colors of the rainbow.  This tee comes in multiple fun colors and has unisex sizing.

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