Minted x West Elm Art on the Big Stage Challenge offers challenges for their Photo Cards quite often depending on the occasion, whether it be Holiday, Birthday, Graduation etc.  For this particular challenge, they teamed up with West Elm to offer artists a chance to win voted "wins", be chosen by West Elm Editors or by Minted Editors. Being chosen, by West Elm or Minted would mean that they would offer prints of your work in the respected store.

I decided to submit 3 works to the challenge in January 2017.  I certainly didn't expect a win and was not holding my breath.  I saw what I was going up against.  You could see all of the submissions as they were entered.  There were some incredible pieces by everyone and was impressed with the talent.  It was definitely a tough competition.  I recently received new that I had been one of the chosen ones.  I am happy to announce that West Elm chose this piece, "That's how the Story Goes":

It was one of 50 works that were chosen by West Elm, which I find even more amazing as I believe there were over 6200 submissions.  I owe this to God as I certainly did not win this all on my own. He blessed me with talents and I continually, on a daily basis, learn how to use them and utilize them.
I am unsure when the print will be available but will certainly keep you posted as to when it is offered.  I now have a Minted store, so keep an eye on it as I will be loading it up with some goods soon.  Now, I will go put on some Young Living Joy essential oil to celebrate.

Peace, Love & Oils


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