Rockin' the Rollerball Blends

One of my most favorite things about Essential Oils, is being able to DIY your own blends!  The rollerball is a phenomenon that one cannot deny!  I love these because they are so travel friendly! Throw them in your purse and carry it with you to work, shopping, or while you are travelling.  There is a blend recipe for just about everything, too.  As you can see, in my photo, I have the Tummy, Allergy, Sleepy, and Sinus blend, all of which I use quite often.

Some of my blends are merely one oil mixed with a Carrier Oil so that I am able to extend my usage a wee bit.  Or the blends can be a mixture of several different oils, mixed together with a carrier oil. Either way, I have so many favorites that I cannot keep count!  

After creating the blend, you definitely need a way to label that bottle!  I found a fantastic seller on Etsy, "Label Me Oily", who offers fun vinyl labels to help you identify your numerous bottles of blends!  (Labels as shown in my above photo)  You can personalize them however you like!  They are made with a high quality outdoor grade adhesive vinyl.  She offers the labels in an assortment of colors and allows you to choose your shade and wording that you want.  

You must go check out her items here:  Label Me Oily  You can enjoy 10% off your purchase just by entering the following code at checkout:  NATALIEBACA10

Here are a couple of my Rollerball Blends.  

10 drops of Lemon
10 drops of Lavender
10 drops of Peppermint
Fill balance of bottle with Carrier Oil.  *If experiencing sinus issues, you can also add 10 drops of either RC or Raven to the mix before topping off with the carrier oil.

10 drops of Peace and Calming
10 drops of Cedarwood
10 drops of Lavender
Top off with a Carrier Oil

You can purchase the oils here at Retail from me:  Young Living Oils and Blends

You can become a member and purchase the oils at wholesale prices here:  Become a Wholesale Member  For becoming a member, I will gift you a Rollerball bottle and label of your choice for a limited time!   You can fill it with your favorite blend!  To become a member, you need to purchase your choice of a starter kit.  You can become a member today for as little as $45 depending on your choice of kit!



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