Garden Tiles

The garden scene is moving right along. And, then a couple nights ago as I was outside, more ideas began to pop in my head. I am going to mosaic some potted plants and native desert plants to go along with the garden.

The above photo is a small sampling of some of the tiles that I have made to include in the garden scene. Along with the above, I will also be doing some birds, dragonflies and other fun garden icons. I must say it has been so much fun putting the ideas together and am so looking forward to getting started. As soon as I get some more tiles made, I will be able to begin!

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I have tried to get most of my work done early today so that I can watch my show tonite...American Idol...I am so addicted and I must say that David Cook has it won in my book. Regardless, if he wins or not, I am sure he will go far. Is anyone else addicted to this show?? LOL. Thank God for DVR because it never of my children begins yelling, talking, screaming or something very loud and I miss something important on the show. Once things calm down, I am able to rewind what I missed (Big smile on my face).

Back to busting out some tiles! Peace, Love ♥ & Tile :)~


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