Mosaic Window Pane

I just completed a new piece and have listed it in my etsy store. ( It is an antique window pane that has been made anew!
Made of stained glass and gems and comes with hooks on top. All you need is some decorative chain and you can hang it in any window to brighten a room.

Just a tad busy this week with my baby girl's first birthday party, so probably won't get much done this week. But, hopefully if I have a chance, I will be listing some of the Color Block series on etsy too!

I found an old vintage window - small in size - that still had the window intact.  I used a clear adhesive and applied stained glass on top of the existing window.  Then, I finished the piece with a black grout to make the color pop...and to match the rustic painted black window frame. 
Peace, Love, & Tile


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