Well, I have finally completed the tiling portion of the mosaic wall project. Yea! And, actually the left side was not as easy as I thought it was going to be. Although, I did not mirror the same color tiles on both sides, I did try to mirror the shapes and it was a little difficult placing them in the exact spot as the right side. However, I was able to somehow manage. See photo below:

Next step is to add the grout! I am going to be using a reddish/brown color of grout to match the other tilework that I have done in the backyard. It's a dark color and I think it will really make the tiles stand out. It also looks real nice with the color of stucco that we have on the house and the walls.I have a few orders that I need to knock out and hopefully after that I can begin the grouting process. As I finish the project, I will reload the "before" pics so that we can see a comparison.
This won't be the end of the backyard projects. As mentioned, I was going to mosaic some other things onto the wall and my husband wants me to mosaic the patio that our lawn furniture sits on. So, the projects continue and you can surely continue to follow along. Until next time...Peace, Love & Tile
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sonja said…
I would love something like this on my seattle stucco wall. This image has been in my Pinterest site for a long time. Finally ready to start his project.
Natalie Baca said…
Aww. That's so nice! Yes, it has been floating around Pinterest for quite some time. Be sure to take pictures from start to finish! :)

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