The Project Has Begun!

Well, finally the weather has calmed down enough that I am able to work outside. But, it's just my luck that I come down with a sinus infection. The work has begun but is a little slow since my sinuses aren't cooperating!
So here we go. I began by penciling in the design that I want on the wall. I knew I wanted something a bit whimsical so I did a curvy design. It's a bit hard to see but very faintly you can see my blue chalkmarks. Please note that this is just one side of the wall. The other side has a mirrored image of this. See photo below.

Using the tiles that I had made, I began from the bottom placing and fitting the tiles together. I am using a tile adhesive that is intended for walls. It holds the tiles in a vertical position without them slipping down. I thought it would be easier to work my way upward. There are not many tiles on the wall as my head and sinuses began to flare and had to go in for a break. See below photo.

Will take some more photos of the work in progress in between my orders and my sinus headaches. LOL. Peace, Love♥, & Tile


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