Several things...

Good day to all,
Several things....

PROJECT & WEATHER - The El Paso weather is not cooperating AGAIN. We had some crazy winds and dust storms with more in the forecast. The project will pick back up soon when things calm.

AMERICAN IDOL - Yea!!! David Cook won. I couldn't be happier! And, Simon apologizes. I loved it.

EL PASO SADDLEBLANKET - I will be showing my artwork yet again at the El Paso Saddleblanket on Saturday, June 14th. So, all you locals, be sure to come see me and check out my new pieces. I had such a great showing last time that I was there and am looking forward to another good one! I will be showing with some other wonderful artists and writers...Carmen Navar & Janet Jackson to name a few!

That seems to cover it all for now! Peace, Love & Tile


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