Is it ever going to stop?

The wind...that is.

My project came to a standstill when I had company come to visit for my birthday. I had plans of prepping the wall to grout and, yes, the wind came rolling back in. We had the worst dust storm yesterday and one is working up now. I was watching the weather last night when they said that we have had 14 dust storms this year as compared to the 6 that we had last year. It has more than doubled. And, I must say it is doing a "doozie" on my sinuses again.

With that in mind, I will await for the calming. Until then, I had some tiles left over from my project.

I plan to post the left over tiles for sale in my etsy shop! Above is one grouping. Be sure to check out my etsy shop for the listings.

Peace, Love & Tile


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