Mosaic Wall Complete with Grout

Well, it took me awhile, but I finally completed the mosaic wall with grout. I have been so busy with being a mom, filling orders and working on some new pieces that the project fell by the way side for a bit. I am feeling accomplished today though! Here is the "before" and "after" photos. I am happy with the outcome and would like to do a bit more mosaic work in the backyard, however, we are now getting into the monsoon season here in El Paso. Perhaps if I can work between the rains and I can get some more done.

I also have some new works that I will post in the blog this week. They are new pieces that I will be adding to my etsy store.
Peace, Love & Tile ♥♥


Becky said…
Hi, we were wondering what kind of grout you used on this project near your pool. We live in Tucson, and we are creating something similar for a memorial for a dear community friend. Any help is appreciated.
Natalie Baca said…
Hi Becky, I used sanded grout on this project. It works really well for outdoors and I would recommend it.

Think what you are doing is wonderful! Would love to see a completed photo! :)

Take care,

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