Summer is here...

at least in El Paso it is. We have been having triple digit temperatures nonstop for the past 2 weeks. And, we are having a bit of a drought. Hot & Dry!

I have been so incredibly busy. I have pushed out several orders and now my family will be going on a mini-vacation to see my brother & sister in law in Albuquerque. We will return next week and then before you know it we will be going on another vacation. To Oklahoma City, where I am originally from. We're actually going for my 2o year high school reunion. Guess I have just revealed my true age. I cannot believe that 20 years can go by so fast!

The art showing at El Paso Saddleblanket was great! I sold several pieces and made some great contacts. I will be showing my work there again on September 13th.

Above photo is another tile listing that I have added to my Etsy store. Be sure to check them out at:

That's it for now! Peace, Love & Tile ♥


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