Life in the Fast Lane

It has been an extremely busy time for me. I just returned from my high school reunion which I must say was absolutely wonderful. Being back in my hometown - my old stomping ground - was completely invigorating. A rush of memories came to me with each step of my way.

I am now in El Paso and back on track. I just completed a photo shoot of some of my new works. I am scheduled to exhibit at Kristoph's Coffees beginning August 22nd. They are holding a series of exhibits entitled "On The Wall". I will be exhibiting at Ruli's International Cafe with a series of exhibits in September. As mentioned before, I will be at the El Paso Saddleblanket in September with the Artists & Writers Showcase. I have some more things in the works and will report those when finalized.

The photo image is a new piece I just completed. A mosaic cow skull. I have been doing these for quite some time and they sell very well. Working on a new mirror entitled "Beauty Within" and will have photos soon!

Peace, Love, & Tile / Natalie


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