Am I Slow...Or What?

As this month blows by me, I am amazed at just how fast time goes. This was partially due to the month being so very busy for me and my art. But, here we are - almost to October - and I am realizing that within a blink, Christmas will be here.

Am I slow at taking pictures and posting...or what? Some of the below pieces that I am highlighting have already been sold.

The exhibits have been quite successful. We opened at Ruli's International Cafe and right off, I sold the below piece to a man from San Francisco. This was yet another new piece to add to my "kitchen" series.

And, let's see...oh yes, a new abstract painting that is on exhibit currently is shown below. It is mixed media collage using acrylics, found papers and fabric.

And, the last piece that I am highlighting is yet another that was added to my "House & Home" series.

In October, please come visit my booth at the Art Expo 2008, being held at Bassett Center. The opening is October 17th in the evening and will run through October 19th. This is being put on by the Rose & Crown Gallery. I will be featuring both my mosaics and my paintings, so come check it out~

Peace, Love & Tile ====== Natalie Baca


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