The Time is Near...

Hello all,
The Christmas rush of orders is now winding down and I find myself relieved. Although, I love orders, it is nice to actually not rush around, push orders out, and be able to actually enjoy the season and my children.

The time is near...not only is Christmas around the corner, but I have just gotten word that HGTV will finally be running the 400 series! Remember now, I filmed my HGTV episode back in December 2006. I was pregnant with my second child. At that time, they told me it would be airing in the Fall of 2007.

Then, it was pushed back for whatever reason to Jan 2008. My contact then told me that it would be pushed back to Spring 2008. All of these dates have come and gone along with my contact at Weller Grossman. My dear friend, Cindy of Sudz-n-Bubbles (who was also filmed) and I both gave up.

Well, I have just been contacted that the 400 series, in which we are a part of, will begin airing in Jan 2009. We do not have dates for our particular episodes but they do have a schedule set for January.

I will keep you posted if and when I am alerted when my show will air! I was told that they try to let you know a few weeks in advance but that they can't guarantee.

Peace, Love & Tile / Natalie


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