HGTV - That's Clever

Well, I can't believe it but, yes, the HGTV segment finally aired! Thanks to all of those who watched! The segment actually had two of my projects: a coffee wall plaque and my mosaic magnets. For those who contacted me about customized coffee wall plaques ...the particular size that I made for the show is $52 and that is customized to your colors and whatever words or phrases that you want. Photo below from the show.

And, for those who were interested in my mosaic magnets, I will be listing some of them in my ebay store - hopefully by next week.

I had a huge a response with a record breaking number of hits to my website and am still trudging through the emails. I promise I will respond to you - just give me some time! Thanks to all of you!

Peace, Love, & Tile ♥


Willa said…
I am watching the segment now. I didn't know that the show was still on the air and accidently left the tv on last night. So glad I did! I will be ordering (at least) one of these as soon as I decide exactly what I want. I love the cup theme as I am a tea drinker. But I also sew so a sewing theme might be fun. Awesome creativity.

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