Hi folks,
It seems that I actually have an airdate for HGTV now!! I am in shock.

Allow me to give a bit of history on this segment. I filmed a segment for That's Clever on HGTV back in December 2006. I was very pregnant at the time. I was told at that time that the segment would air in Fall of 2007. That came and went.

They updated to starting the new series to Jan 2008. That came and went.

I was then told Spring 2008. That came and went.

Needless to say, this continued and I stopped talking about it or telling people about it because I sounded like such an idiot for not knowing the time it would air. Meanwhile, I have had the child that was in my belly during the taping and she is about to turn 2 years old!!!!!!!! Amazing, isn't it? :)

So...the airing is scheduled for March 16th on HGTV's "That's Clever". I do know that it airs at 6am (ouch, that's really early in the morning) Mountain time. (Guess I will have to set the DVR because I won't be getting up that early).

Peace, Love & Tile ♥♥♥♥


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