Hello to all - Hope all is well.
I am staying quite busy! I received quite a few orders from the HGTV airing and have been happy with the outcome.

After much feedback, I have decided to begin auctions on Ebay for my art! I have an ebay store but used it mostly for the "Buy it Now" option at the full price. With the Ebay Auctions, this is your opportunity to own one of my pieces at perhaps lower than gallery prices.

I am going to begin all of the auctions at an extremely low price! And, well.....if nobody bids, then you get the piece dirt cheap!!!!!!!!!!!! My way of saying Thank You to all of my supporters. I am going to try to list new auction pieces at least once a week, so be sure to check often!

Hopefully, I will have the first mosaic piece listed by this evening. If not, definitely by tomorrow! Here is the link to my ebay store: http://stores.ebay.com/Studio-915_W0QQsspagenameZL2QQtZkm


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