New Stuff!

It has been awhile since I last posted. It seems that I have been quite busy with retail orders and custom orders! Can't complain there! :)

To catch up, I recently made a custom piece for a man who is a chef here in El Paso! He happened to love Day of the Dead items and it was going to be his 40th birthday. His family wanted a mosaic piece with Day of the Dead and left the rest pretty open for me. I found an image of a chef skeleton but was hesitant to use the image. I found out the artist was the Crafty Chica, who happened to be one of my friends on MySpace. I contacted her and she granted me permission to use the image in my piece. The art fell into place after that. Be sure to check out for Kathy & Patrick Murillo's work. The artwork of theirs is the center skeleton that is the chef.

In addition to the custom piece, I have been busy making new pieces for sale. I've got a stash now! Here is the new mirror that I just completed. Made with a half talavera pot, a 3d Sunflower and leaves, talavera bits, glass gems, and vitreous glass.

I will post more new work as soon as I take the time to download the pics. Busy, busy!


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