Crazy Life of a Mom

It has been completely crazy at my household for the past few weeks. Dance recitals, the flu, end of school performances, birthdays, and list continues. My art process has really slooowed due to the amount of activities that have been occurring. I tell myself, "Oh, when the kids go to sleep you can work on your art". But, by then I am completely wiped out and the creative juices have disappeared with my tiredness. I wonder if this happens to anyone else. Surely it does.....With that in mind, I don't have many new works to show - however, here are a few pieces.

On The Wings (left) was created using Mixed Media Collage and various glass to create the mosaic. Very fun to do and am going to try to accomplish some more mosaics using this method.

The Virgin De Guadalupe (below) mosaic wall art is a tiny fun piece to add some color to your wall.  Decorative yellow glass frame around the image along with glitter tile adds to the festive feel.
The mixed media painting above is a new abstract that I added to my Etsy store.  I used collage, acrylics and other mediums to the 6x6 canvas.  Great small piece by itself or you can collect several to group together on a wall.

In closing, my prayers and thoughts are with my hometown of Piedmont, Oklahoma.  A tornado ripped through the area on May 24th and many are without homes and lives have been lost.  xoxo


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