Oh Happy Friday...

Well, I am really getting the hang of this twitter thing now.  LOL.  I have a whole 14 people following me now, so far.  (giggle)  I think that is pretty good considering I just started though.  Sooo, if you are on twitter, be sure to come follow me @nataliebaca.

New items have just been posted in my Etsy store.  I was able to have quite the art session a few nights ago and knocked out some new art.  I added a couple of mosaics including a mirror, a blue bird, and a sacred heart along with one of my mixed media collage paintings. 
I have a few more items that I hope to add over the weekend.  I was a little slow in getting things grouted. 

I have a huge project that I have taken on.  It isn't anything to place in my etsy store.  It is my bathroom project.  We had a shower/tub with boring sand color tile.  Sand isn't always boring but being that I am a color addict, I had been wanting to add the Natalie splash to it for some time.  I envision mosaic work along with traditional tile for a striking combination that makes a statement.  My husband had someone rip all the tile out and I am left with a clean canvas....tile board.  Tile board that is staring blankly at me. 

I have ideas but instead of planning it out, I plan to delve right into it.  I work better that way.  I will incorporate this project into my blog as an ongoing work in progress.  You can follow along to see how it develops :)  Pictures to follow!  ~~~~~ Peace, Love & Tile to all.


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