Catching up....

It is amazing how one can get so caught up in daily life that you don't realize what you have neglected.  In this case, it would be my blog!!   My poor blog has not felt the love lately and I soooo need to be better about this.  In catching up, I completed the bathroom!  I will have to post pics of the completed bath.  It turned out very well and am quite happy with it. 

In addition to the bathroom, I have continued with my mosaic art but have expanded into Mixed Media painting which is so new and enthralling to me.  I am selling both the mosaics and the paintings in my etsy store.  I have expanded into the Twitter world and am on pinterest.  And if you can't afford the original paintings, I am selling prints of my paintings on Fine Art America!  I plan to expand into some more areas but that is yet to come. 

Come join me on my journey!

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