Abstract Elephant

My pink Abstract Giraffe has been such a hit that I decided to work more animals into my pieces.  The Abstract Giraffe was featured in a blog that designed a little girl's nursery.  I actually had never thought how wonderful it would be in a nursery until the feature.  While of course, it will go in any room, it was a great idea (being that it was pink) to have it for a nursery. 

My next piece, which I completed this week, features an elephant.  The elephant has more "boyish" colors so of course this would be fantastic in a boy's room but could work in any room of the house too.  I am offering this piece on Society6.  The design can be found on canvas, prints, pillows and of course totes, phones, and ipads. 

Here is the new piece in an optional frame available through Society6:

Below you can find the pillow available there too.

These items and more can be found on my Society6 store --  http://society6.com/NatalieBaca/Abstract-Elephant-4ve_Print
Please be sure to check it out.  Also, I am asking that those who purchase my items, take pictures of the items in their home!  I not only would love to see my items in your environment but also I would like to share the pictures with my clients through means of Facebook, this blog and other social media.  It is always fun to share these photos!


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