We have all seen the neon craze popping up everywhere from houseware items to artwork.  Who doesn't love a splash of color in their life?

I did a recent search on Etsy for neon items and here are a few of my faves that I came up with!

Wooden spoons from Wind & Willow Home on Etsy:

Modern Neon Hardwood Salad Bowls from Nicole Porter on Etsy:

Painting from eeliethel on Etsy:

There are so many more products that included the splashes of neon such as jewelry and clothing as well.   I decided at that point that I should make some modern mosaics with a splash of neon too.  So these are the items that I came up with.  I used a very simple and clean design - a bit modern - all white tiles and then added the splash of neon.  Now I am officially on top of the neon craze.

Listings here:
Pink Neon:

Orange Neon:


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