Studio 2

Well, I haven't written in awhile and for good reason!  Number one, I nearly cut my finger off while sewing about 3 weeks ago.  They glued it back together although it actually needed stitches.  Working with nine fingers has been quite a challenge.  Even typing this post seems difficult.  LOL.   The other reason, number two, I have been busy working with manufacturers to produce items with my designs.

I decided in 2013 that I needed to separate my etsy items into 2 separate stores.  One store would have all my mosaic work, the other would have the new items with my surface designs.  I have worked very hard on it and am having a "soft" grand opening now.  I still have not received all my product offerings and once I do I will add those to the store.  Meanwhile, I went ahead and opened the store yesterday with what I have so far.  Already it is quite successful with the hits that I have received!  Very excited to grow this side of the business.  The new store is called Natalie Baca Studio 2 or just "Studio 2" as I often refer to it.  Here is link to the new store and photos of some of the offerings.


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